Important Parking Updates

It’s almost time to pick those Senior Parking Spots. Here are some important reminders:

1. Students will meet in front of the Student Government classroom C10.  Given the large number of parking spots sold,  we decided to have students arrive in 2 waves – 11:00 and 11:30 depending on which group the student is in. (I would make your best guess now…. groups 1-8 arrive at 11:00, groups 9 or higher arrive at 11:30). Since sales are still open, your students’ group number  will be posted Tuesday, August 6 by 8pm on the website. 

2. The order in which spots are picked is based on the purchase time stamp. We had a lot of students purchase in the first 5 minutes. Some students will be surprised where they are on the list despite their early time stamp. Selling lots of spots means that we have raised a great deal of money toward 2020 Safe and Sober Grad Night!! The order will be released the night before we pick and will be posted on the website by 8pm. Order can not be changed and we will not be taking calls, emails or texts on this matter. 

3. If a student cannot make the pick your spot day, they can designate a friend to choose for them or they can choose from a list of available spots after August 8. If they choose this route, please email Laura Osecheck – .  

4. CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE VERY IMPORTANT CONTRACT. Students will need to bring the completed contract and sketch for approval with them for parking spot selection on August 7th. 

5. The contract must be completed and approved in order for a student to participate in the Paint Your Spot day on Sunday, August 18.
Cheers to the class of 2020!

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